Home Office

Hello! Today’s topic is “home office”, an English expression, that means work at home! This work style has a few advantages like comfort, flexibility, quality of life, budget, sustainability, where, normally, the main thought is organization and practicality. Thus, as we talk a lot about it, turning

Presentation – Cleber Ely Möller

Hello friends, and welcome! First of all, I would like to share with you my satisfaction by writing about architecture and civil engineering, on the same way its effects in our life and in our jobs I’m graduated in Business Administration and Civil Engineering and I have a diploma in Customer Service in

Presentation – Ana Beatriz Nunes Möller

Hello,   I am Architect Ana Beatriz Nunes Moller and together we are going to talk about tips, projects, architecture trendings, and interior design. These topics will help you to understand how to use your house and workspace in your


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